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Below is a list of the speaking engagements and publications in which Garrett & Tully attorneys have participated.



Publications/News Releases:

“Noted Southland Trial Attorney Inducted Into American College of Trial Lawyers” (Press Release) - Download/View Release

“Garrett & Tully Winter 2014 Newsletter” (Newsletter) - Download/View Release

2013 Super Lawyers Business Edition magazine, Advertisement - Download/View PDF

“Attorney and Accountant Malpractice” (Los Angeles Daily Journal, January 24, 1997), by Stephen J. Tully

"Beware of the Cement Life Jacket: The Problem with Mortgage Foreclosure Consultant and Home Equity Purchasers," by Kenneth E. Dzien

"Effect on the Insured's Subrogated Lien Rights of Foreclosing under the Insured Deed of Trust" (California Land Title Association, 1st Quarter, 2010 Newsletter), by Alexander Levy

"Effectuating Principles of Federalism: Reevaluating the Federal Spending Power as the Great Tenth Amendment Loophole" (25 Pepp.L.Rev. 869 (1998), by Ryan C. Squire

"Fraud and Negligent Misrepresentation" (Los Angeles Daily Journal, April 3, 1998), by Stephen J. Tully

"Implied Indemnification in Real Property Litigation" (California Bar Real Property Section Publication), by Alexander Levy

"Key to Victory: Turning the Table" (Los Angeles Daily Journal, November 17, 2000), by Partner Stephen J. Tully

"Not All Insurance Policies Are Adhesion Contracts: A Case Study of the ALTA Loan Title Policy," by Kenneth E. Dzien

"Powers of Attorney It's Time to Plug into a Valuable Tool: The California Probate Code Section 4305 Affidavit," by Kenneth E. Dzien

"The Notice of Default Can Be a Notice to Be Dubious - Pitfalls for an Escrow in the Home Equity Sales Contract Act," by Kenneth E. Dzien

"You Can't Get There from Here or Can You? A Historical Perspective of the Access Coverage of Title Policies," by Kenneth E. Dzien

"You Should Be the Judge of That," by Kenneth E. Dzien

“Defining Defalcation By A Fiduciary in the Context of Dischargeability” (Accountant’s Advocate, 2014), By Tomas Ortiz

“Does It Matter What You Sign? The ‘Wink & Nod’ Defense” (Accountant’s Advocate, 2014), By Brian W. Ludeke

“What Exactly Were You Hired To Do?” (Accountant’s Advocate, 2014), by Michael K. Dewberry

“When A Client Waits Too Long To Sue” (Accountant’s Advocate, 2014), By John B. Greene

Garrett & Tully’s 2013 and 2014 Year in Review of Relevant California Decisions for the Real Estate and Title Industry, Edited by Scott Mahler

Unpublished Compendium of California Reported Title Insurance Decisions, by Alexander Levy

Speaking Engagements:

“Bad Faith Actions and White Waivers,” Presented by Candie Y. Chang

“Buss and Cumis—Point-Counterpoint,” L.A. County Bar Association, Presented by, Robert Garrett and Ryan Squire.

“California Homeowner Bill of Rights,” Presented by Candie Y. Chang

“Can You Protect the 'Research Expert?,” Presented by Robert Garrett

“Case Presentations Concerning Admissibility of Expert Testimony,” Presented by Robert Garrett

“Communicating with Outside Counsel,” Presented by Candie Y. Chang

“Current Legal Issues Facing Appraisers,” (Appraisal Institute of Southern California) Presented by Scott Mahler

“Deepening Insolvency in the Professional Liability Arena”; Chicago, Illinois, Presented by   Robert Garrett

“Damages in Professional Liability Cases,” Presented by Robert Garrett

“Discussions with County Recorders”, webinar (California Land Title Association) Presented by Scott Mahler

“Hot Topics in California Real Estate Law,” Presented by Candie Y. Chang

“How to Defend a Professional at Trial,” Presented by Robert Garrett

“Litigation Management – a Lender’s Perspective,” Presented by Candie Y. Chang

“Protection of Experts Against Compelled Disclosure of Research Data and Financial Information,” Presented by Robert Garrett

“Scientific Research in the Courtroom,” Presented by Robert Garrett

“Scientific Research: The Courtroom Wars,” Presented by Robert Garrett

“Selecting, Engaging and Working With Appraisers in High Exposure Cases,” Jacksonville, Florida; Presented by   Robert Garrett

“The Art of Negotiation,” Presented by Robert Garrett

“Top Ten Title and Escrow Cases of 2013” (Los Angeles County Bar Association, Title Insurance Subsection), Presented by Scott Mahler

Guest Speaker at Title Insurance Subsection (Los Angeles County Bar), Presented Alexander Levy

Guest Speaker at UCLA Extension, Alexander Levy

Guest Lecturer, Gould School of Law, U.S.C.  “Title Insurance”, Presented by Robert Garrett

Guest Lecturer, Loyola School of Law, Los Angeles.  “Avoiding Legal Malpractice”, Presented by Robert Garrett

“Best Practices/Malpractice Avoidance/Quality Control”(AICPA National Forensic Accounting Conference on Fraud & Litigation Services, Las Vegas, Nevada (September 2008)), Presented by Stephen J. Tully

“Top Ten Real Estate Cases of 2013” (Los Angeles County Bar Association, Real Estate Section), Presented by, Scott Mahler co-presented with Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP

Various lectures regarding legal issues facing escrow and title companies (Escrow Institute of California and chapters of the California Escrow Association), Presented by Scott Mahler