Appellate Law


Strategic, Tactical, Efficient and Effective Appellate Law Services

When the stakes are high, Garrett & Tully are the appellate lawyers for navigating through the appellate process.

As the Hon. Ruggero J. Aldisert notes in Winning on Appeal (1992), “Appellate advocacy is specialized work. It draws upon talents and skills which are far different from those utilized in other facets of practicing law.” Garrett & Tully appellate lawyers act as lead appellate counsel or in cooperation with local counsel in all types of appeals, extraordinary writs, and post-trial motions. Clients are key members of the team as we implement effective and efficient solutions.

A practical and effective approach to appellate matters starts with a methodical examination of relevant facts and issues, leading to an evaluation of the likelihood of success, the costs of pursuing or responding to an appeal, and the potential ramifications of an appeal. It is vital to recognize whether the most aggressive, expensive, win-at-all costs appellate strategy is the right one for a particular situation.

Renowned Appellate Advocates On Behalf Of Our Clients

Here are some other areas where we help our clients:
• Analyze the proprietary of settlements
• Examine the impact the case may have on the industry affected and on existing precedent
• Examine the trail court record, the standard of review, and the chance of appellate court success
• Advise on the filing of amicus briefs in important cases to modify existing decisional law or make new law in uncharted areas