Business And Corporate Disputes

BusinessAndCorporateDisputesWEBA True Partner to Navigate Business and Corporate Disputes

Corporate disputes and litigation can derail day-to-day operations for large and small businesses alike. When you need experienced legal counsel on complex business challenges, Garrett & Tully can help you resolve disputes and reach resolution. Our attorneys are skilled counselors, negotiators, and litigation strategists with extensive business, financial, and insurance backgrounds and strong academic credentials.

Whenever possible, we help our clients avoid litigation through preventive measures, including training and compliance programs. When litigation is unavoidable, we respond quickly to implement risk-containment strategies. No matter what your dispute, our client-centered approach can help guide you in the right direction.

Garrett & Tully handles a wide variety of dispute matters that include but are not limited to:

• Arbitration and mediation
• Commercial contracts
• Intellectual property, trademark, and copyright disputes
• Securities
• Shareholder and partnership disputes
• Leases and commercial real estate
• Employment issues, including director and officer liability
• Non-profit organizations and associations