Employer Defense

Employment Defense

Garrett & Tully, Helping Employers Calibrate and Manage Vulnerabilities

Facing an ever-growing number and range of employment related claims, California employers need advice and active representation.

The Golden State is an open field for employment related claims ranging from sexual harassment and discrimination to wrongful discharge. Garrett & Tully regularly advises and represents employers confronted with these types of claims, as well as employers and employees in matters relating to non-competition, executive compensation, trade secrets litigation and employment related torts.

Resolving matters in the best interests of the client, at the earliest opportunity is the goal. Often, this means early preemptive action or mediation aimed at defusing a situation before litigation starts. Where litigation ensues, the focus is on a cost-effective victory through dismissal or summary judgment.  Our experience has shown that the willingness and ability to take matters to trial, if warranted, results in more favorable settlement opportunities for our clients.

Expertise Helping Employers Manage Legal Disputes

Areas of focus include:

• Compensation and benefits
• Layoffs and furloughs
• Leaves (family, medical, ADA, etc.)
• Trade secret protection
• Personnel policies
• Discrimination
• Employee agreements and handbooks
• Harassment
• Interviewing and hiring
• Job applications and investigations (including Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements)
• Separation agreements
• Terminations
• Wage and hour regulations

Garrett & Tully also provides advice regarding training on the prevention of harassment, and negotiation of separation agreements.