What’s Different about Appellate Law?

When any party has an adverse result in a court of law, their first reaction is to think about “appealing.”  That’s a natural reaction, rooted in the mechanics of our system of justice and based on a common sense desire to prevail.  However, it is important to understand more about the appeals process and appellate…
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If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will

Whether it’s a person’s home or a commercial or industrial property – real estate transactions are generally very important because they involve a substantial amount of money. And getting them “right” is crucial. Things that go wrong are almost too numerous to mention, but they boil down the need to validate who really owns what. Alas,…
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What you don’t know will hurt you

Bankruptcy is a topic with a long history. The ancient Greeks, among others, wrestled with the subject and with balancing the desire to ensure repayment of injured parties while also making sure that deterrence was part of the equation. American law has developed a wide range of tools and procedures for dealing with both. In fact, the…
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